Ray’s 5 Star Reviews

Mark 21 Jul 2020

Thanks a million Ray Rhea! Thanks to you, my wife’s 50th birthday party was transformed into a major success! We had a hollow room to work with and thanks to your creativity, energy, and professional equipment and delivery, you transformed that hollow space into a fun-filled family party! Thanks my friend! I know who to call the next time I have a big room to fill with fun!

Ray was beyond great to work with! When we were working out the contract he was always quick to respond and every question was answered promptly. He DJ’d for our school 6th grade spring dance and was phenomenal! It’s tough picking appropriate songs for elementary age kids but he played everything from the hokey pokey to songs from artists all the kids knew, all while keeping the kids engaged, dancing, and having so much fun. I had so many parents and teachers approach me during and after the dance saying this was the best dance the school had seen in a lot of years. Thank you DJ Ray Rhea for making this an unforgettable dance for our 6th graders and for always being professional. I will definitely use you before any other DJ in the future and I highly recommend you to friends, family and everyone I know!

Nicole Watwijiw  Magestic Elementary March 29, 2019


Ray was great to work with! Played the line up of songs that I requested–and accommodated us during the party. Reasonably priced. I’d hire him in a heartbeat!

Candi 4/1/2019

Ray is very good at what he does, he arrived on time and set-up quickly, was friendly and professional. We’ve hired him for several activities and will continue to do so in the future

Riley Nelson 3/3/2019

This Super Guy is a Real Keeper!! Keep him in our midst!! Ray was a fantastic caller for us!! He was very patient and good with our rambunctious, noisy group. He had a big challenge in dealing with advanced and new dancers; many with age and physical, and other disabilities. At this time it was particularly difficult with concern and unrest about our usual leader, but Ray and his partner, Eathel, were superb! He made it fun for everyone and was kind and experienced in his review and work-shopping calls we were having problems with. Then he relaxed everyone with some line-dancing. He is a very charming, congenial and pleasant person to be around and I have enjoyed him every time i have had the privilege of being around him. Thank you for this opportunity to tell you what a great guy he is! The only downside is that the distance between us is a barrier to keep me from seeing him as much as I would like to. He was willing to travel a long ways for a long time though nasty weather to fill in for us, and has volunteered to do it again if the doctors do not release our usual before time for the next dance. The world would be a much happier place if we had many more like Ray! Please keep him as happy as possible to encourage him to stay with us!

Dorothy Larsen 11/29/2018

We had the BEST experience with Ray! We used him twice this summer with a youth group of 100+ kids ages 12-18 and both times were fabulous! We will absolutely be hiring Ray for our next event. He was professional and organized in our scheduling and was so good with our kids. He and his wife are salt of the earth people and fun to be around. I highly recommend Ray Rhea, you won’t be disappointed.

Sarah 9/19/2018


Newcomers Club 12 Dec 2019

Ray was a joy to work with. He was both fun and professional. We have had complimentary comments from many of the fifty people in attendance at our party. Looking forward to seeing him again next year.
Mary Jo McQueen

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